Everlasting Memories


A bespoke funeral, wedding, renewal of vows or naming ceremony service will create an everlasting memory of your departed loved one, or celebrate your special day.

I have many years experience as a nurse, in paediatrics, in palliative care and bereavement and as a specialist supporting families within the community. I am an insured, qualified Celebrant registered with the AOIC. (see their website)

Whether you are religious or not. Whether you want a traditional funeral or wedding service or something completely unique, let me help make this day a little easier and take away some of the stress. I can help create a plan of the service, liaise with other professionals, prepare and deliver readings, organise flowers, obtain orders of service leaflets, help with ideas for music and hymns and help you through the ceremony.

Together we can make the day memorable in every way. Please don't hesitate to give me a call to discuss your requirements, or email me in the first instance. We can book a face to face discussion of how I can help. I am really looking forward to meeting you.

Louise. Tel: 07504906599 email: louiselercier@yahoo.co.uk Insured Member of AOIC.